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Crosslines Reticles

 Part Number Description 
S-14135 Crosslines Reticle 0.0002" line width - solid line
S-14136 Crosslines Reticle 0.0003" line width - solid line
S-14139 Crosslines Reticle 0.0006" line width - solid line
S-14140 Crosslines Reticle 0.0010" line width - solid line
S-14141 Crosslines Reticle 0.0020" line width - solid line
S-14142 Crosslines Reticle 0.0030" line width - solid line
S-14144 Crosslines Reticle 0.0080" line width - solid line
S-14137 Crosslines Reticle 0.0004" line width - dashed line
S-14138 Crosslines Reticle 0.0006" line width - dashed line
S-14143 Crosslines Reticle 0.0045" space - double crosshair
S-14146 Crosslines Reticle 1mm space - double crosshair
S-14145 Crosslines Reticle 0.010" space - double crosshair
S-14147 Crosslines Reticle Crosshair length is 2mm per axis
S-14153 Crosslines Reticle Focusing crossline
S-14149 Crosslines Reticle Crosshair with 30 degree increments in one quadrant
S-14148 Crosslines Reticle Crosshair with 30 degree increments in all quadrants
S-14151 Crosslines Reticle Crosshair with 45 degree increments in all quadrants
S-14152 Crosslines Reticle Dashed Crosshair with 45 degree angles in all quadrants
S-14150 Crosslines Reticle Crosshair with 30, 45, & 60 degree angles in opposite quadrants

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