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25 Squares Total (5X5)

 Part Number Description 
S-14180 Grid Reticle 2.5mm total, 25 SQ., 0.50mm per square
S-14202 Grid Reticle 4mm total, 25 SQ., 0.80mm per square
S-14207 Grid Reticle 5mm total, 25 SQ., 1.0mm per square
S-14171 Grid Reticle 15mm total, 25 SQ., 3mm per square
S-14188 Grid Reticle 20mm total, 25 SQ., 4mm per square

100 Squares Total (10X10)


 Part Number Description 
S-14156 Grid Reticle 0.100" total, 100 SQ., 0.0100" per square
S-14158 Grid Reticle 0.200" total, 100 SQ., 0.0200" per square
S-14159 Grid Reticle 0.300" total, 100 SQ., 0.0300" per square
S-14160 Grid Reticle 0.400" total, 100 SQ., 0.0400" per square
S-14161 Grid Reticle 0.500" total, 100 SQ., 0.0500" per square


 Part Number Description 
S-14177 Grid Reticle 1mm total, 100 SQ., 0.10mm per square
S-14192 Grid Reticle 2mm total, 100 SQ., 0.20mm per square
S-14198 Grid Reticle 3mm total, 100 SQ., 0.30mm per square
S-14200 Grid Reticle 4mm total, 100 SQ., 0.40mm per square
S-14205 Grid Reticle 5mm total, 100 SQ., 0.50mm per square
S-14213 Grid Reticle 8mm total, 100 SQ., 0.80mm per square
S-14163 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 100 SQ., 1mm per square, No Labels
S-14219 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 100 SQ., 1mm per square, Letter/Number Labels
S-14218 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 100 SQ., 1mm per square, Number Labels
S-14222 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 100 SQ., 1mm/sq, with 10mm/100 div scale, Number Labels
S-14220 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 100 SQ., 1mm per square, every second line accented
S-14223 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 100 SQ., 1mm per square, with crossline
S-14224 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 100 SQ., 1mm per square, with extended crossline
S-14221 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 100 SQ., 1mm per square, INDEXED
S-14164 Grid Reticle 12.5mm total, 100 SQ., 1.25mm per square
S-14169 Grid Reticle 15mm total, 100 SQ., 1.50mm per square
S-14185 Grid Reticle 20mm total, 100 SQ., 2mm per square
S-14184 Grid Reticle 20mm total, 100 SQ., 2mm per square, INDEXED

400 Squares Total (20X20)

 Part Number Description 
S-14157 Grid Reticle 0.100" total, 400 SQ., 0.0050" per square
S-14178 Grid Reticle 1mm total, 400 SQ., 50 micron per square
S-14194 Grid Reticle 2mm total, 400 SQ., 0.10mm per square
S-14199 Grid Reticle 3mm total, 400 SQ., 0.15mm per square
S-14203 Grid Reticle 4mm total, 400 SQ., 0.20mm per square
S-14209 Grid Reticle 5mm total, 400 SQ., 0.25mm per square
S-14165 Grid Reticle 12.5mm total, 400 SQ., 0.625mm per square
S-14173 Grid Reticle 15mm total, 400 SQ., 0.75mm per square
S-14189 Grid Reticle 20mm total, 400 SQ., 1mm per square

1600 Squares Total (40X40)

 Part Number Description 
S-14193 Grid Reticle 2mm total, 1600 SQ., 50 micron per square
S-14201 Grid Reticle 4mm total, 1600 SQ., 0.10mm per square
S-14210 Grid Reticle 6mm total, 1600 SQ., 0.15mm per square
S-14214 Grid Reticle 8mm total, 1600 SQ., 0.20mm per square
S-14166 Grid Reticle 12mm total, 1600 SQ., 0.30mm per square
S-14175 Grid Reticle 16mm total, 1600 SQ., 0.40mm per square
S-14187 Grid Reticle 20mm total, 1600 SQ., 0.5mm per square

10MM X 10MM Grid Reticles

 Part Number Description 
S-14229 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 4 SQ., 5.0mm x 5.0mm each
S-14233 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 9 SQ., 3.33mm each
S-14225 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 16 SQ., 2.5mm x 2.5mm each
S-14227 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 25 SQ., 2.0mm x 2.0mm each
S-14228 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 36 SQ., 1.66mm x 1.66mm each
S-14230 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 400 SQ., 0.5mm x 0.5mm each
S-14232 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 400 SQ., 0.5mm x 0.5mm each, with crossline
S-14231 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 400 SQ., 0.5mm x 0.5mm each, every second line accented
S-14215 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 1600 SQ., 0.25mm x 0.25mm each
S-14216 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 1600 SQ., 0.25mm x 0.25mm each, every second line accented
S-14226 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 2,500 SQ., 0.20mm x 0.20mm each, every 5th line accented
S-14217 Grid Reticle 10mm total, 10,000 SQ., 0.10mm x 0.10mm each, every 10th line accented


 Part Number Description 
S-14154 Grid Reticle 0.400" total, 64 SQ., 0.0500" per square
S-14155 Grid Reticle 0.500" total, 10,000 SQ., 0.0050" per square
S-14182 Grid Reticle 20mm FOV, 0.020" per square
S-14190 Grid Reticle 24.5mm FOV, 0.10" per square
S-14191 Grid Reticle 27mm FOV, 0.10mm per square
S-14195 Grid Reticle 30mm FOV, 0.25mm per square
S-14196 Grid Reticle 30mm FOV, 0.50mm per square
S-14197 Grid Reticle 30mm FOV, 1.0mm per square
S-14162 Grid Reticle 100um total, 4 SQ., 50um per square
S-14181 Grid Reticle 200um total, 4 SQ., 100um per square
S-14172 Grid Reticle 15mm total, 4 SQ., 7.5mm per square
S-14179 Grid Reticle 2.5mm total, 2,500 SQ., 50 micron per square
S-14206 Grid Reticle 5mm total, 16 SQ., 1.25mm per square
S-14208 Grid Reticle 5mm total, 2500 SQ., 0.10mm per square
S-14204 Grid Reticle 5mm total, 10,000 SQ., 50 micron per square
S-14212 Grid Reticle 7mm total, 49 SQ., 1mm per square
S-14211 Grid Reticle 7mm total, 196 SQ., 0.5mm per square
S-14168 Grid Reticle 12mm total, 81 SQ., 1.33mm per square
S-14167 Grid Reticle 12mm total, 576 SQ., 0.50mm per square
S-14170 Grid Reticle 15mm total, 16 SQ., 3.75mm per square
S-14174 Grid Reticle 15mm total, 900 SQ., 0.50mm per square
S-14176 Grid Reticle 18mm total, 81 SQ., 2mm per square
S-14186 Grid Reticle 20mm total, 16 SQ., 5mm per square
S-14183 Grid Reticle 20mm total, 10,000 SQ., 0.20mm per square

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