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Brock Magiscope® Student Microscope Model #70 - 20X
M-Depot Item No: MG-01000
Price: $9,999.00
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  • Unconditional manufacturer's lifetime warranty is unique in the industry - accidents are included
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Only one exposed moving part and no glass to break
  • Requires no power source
  • Easy to use focus with fine control
  • Models available up to 400x magnification
  • Available in Red or Black
  • Winner of the prestigious Parent's Choice Award
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Qty 1:       $9,999.00
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Brock Magiscope® Student Microscope Model #70 - 20X
A Study in Durability, Simplicity and Versatility

Quench your students' innate thirst for knowledge with a first-of-its-kind laboratory grade microscope that's designed specifically for young eyes, hands and minds. The Magiscope is a powerful scientific tool that works without cords, mirrors or batteries. It has only one moving part and can be used by anyone for anything anywhere -- indoors or out. Best of all, the Magiscope carries an unconditional manufacturer's lifetime guarantee; it's 100% covered no matter what happens to it. No matter what abuse is heaped upon it (excluding vandalism), Brock will repair or replace your Magiscope FREE, for life, no questions asked. So it's no wonder that schools, museums and science/environmental centers across the country rely on the Magiscope.

The Magiscope's ingenious Lumarod® system amplifies and focuses ambient light to provide simultaneous reflected and transmitted light that effectively illuminates any object -- transparent or opaque -- without bulbs, batteries, mirrors or prisms.

The Magiscope Model #70 - 20x includes a 5x eyepiece plus 4x achromatic objective. It's made of solid aluminum alloy with brass-on-brass friction focusing and a fine adjustment ramp. It has no exposed threads, knobs, levers, screws, or mechanical adjustments. It features super high eye relief for ease of operation and photographic capabilities. The optional surface adapter enables children to examine large objects and also allows for viewing through aquarium walls. And with Magiscope's unique Micromuseum Exhibit System, specimens can be safely and easily sorted, stored and displayed. Each Micromuseum wheel holds up to eight samples which can be themed to create a specimen library. Alternate configurations and a complete array of accessories provide myriad options for magnification, specimen exhibition and more.

The most durable, easy-to-use microscope ever made - and with an incomparable unconditional manufacturer's lifetime warranty - each Magiscope is quality inspected before shipment to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Comes in RED or BLACK. Optional accessories available.

HeadMonocular with super high eye relief
BaseSolid aluminum alloy
Magnification20x standard; up to 400x with optional eyepiece and objectives
Eyepiece5x eyepiece standard; 10x eyepiece optional
ObjectivesAchromatic 4x standard; 10x & 40x optional
Stage3-3/4in. x 3-1/4in.; holds samples up to 2in. thick
Stage clipsSuper-durable rubber band clips
FocusingBrass-on-brass friction focusing, fine adjustment ramp
IlluminatorLumarod® system uses ambient light; simultaneous reflected and transmitted light
Weight1.8 lbs
Shipping dimensions9.5in. x 4in. x 5-1/4in.
WarrantyLifetime manufacturer's unconditional warranty accidents included
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