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Images Plus SOFTWARE
When Motic® Images Plus software is included with our digital cameras or digital microscopes, it’s always the latest version and at no additional cost to you! Images Plus comes as two different products, Version 2 or 3:

Images Plus Ver 2 included in the following products:
CAMERAS - S-05165, S-05167, S-05168, S-05169, S-05170

Optional Version 3 may be ordered here.
For details on the differences, please see below.

It is also available for use with your own digital video camera by using an optional capture card (please contact us for this application). Some models of digital microscopes and cameras also work with the Mac operating system.

Please Note – Images Plus is only available with these microscopes, digital cameras, or a video capture card (for use with your own video camera). It is not available in a stand-alone configuration or for use with other digital cameras.

90-day limited warranty

Images Plus Version 2 FEATURES


  • Instantly capture single frame images
  • Obtain still images at programmed intervals that you set
  • Set live, moving image size to various resolutions
  • Set capture size to various resolutions
  • Record video
  • Save images to formats of bmp, jpg, and mjb


  • Two or more images can be combined and evaluated with the click of the mouse

Image Processing

  • Apply different effects – invert, relief, sharp, smooth, mosaic, gray scale – to images
  • Adjust an image’s brightness, contrast, hue saturation
  • Process the image with a variety of filters
  • Paint or draw figures and icons onto images
  • Annotate images


  • Make precise measurements of portions of an image (length, area, perimeter, width, radius, circumference, angle) with an easy and automatic calibration process
  • Choose a variety of measuring tools: units, shapes, parameters
  • Choose from a selection of custom styles and colors of markings
  • Measure instantly simply by selecting a portion of an image
  • Use the ZOOM function to increase the precision of measurement start and end points


  • Automatic object or cell counting
  • Select an area in a captured image, and dimension and size information for the cells is counted with just one click
  • Export data to spreadsheet or database programs for further analysis


  • Use the drag-and-drop functionality
  • Generate reports quickly and easily
  • Use captured or manipulated images
  • Print reports for further discussion


  • Record audio narration
  • Add or modify measurements and sound on an image even after it is saved
  • Use on group projects with more than one narrator
  • Work through the exclusive SFC file format that enables this feature
  • Play MP3 files and listen while you work

Images Plus Version 3 FEATURES

Images Plus Version 3 contains all the same features as Version 2 with the following additions:

Manual Segmentation

  • Segment images manually with thresholds for red, green, blue and gray
  • Choose from eight different color levels to create single point segmentation
  • Use customizable options and filters such as Hi-Pass and Low-Pass
  • Choose from a variety of other options including object grow, erode, fill-in hole, and find edges


  • Capture images at both high Field of View as well as high magnification
  • Take up to 100 images in one focal plane in a 10x10 format

Multi Focus

  • Capture images at different focal depths
  • Utilize the automatic scanning of each layer to assemble a new image with all maximum value pixels (create a single image where all layers are in focus)
  • Allow the automatic adjustments for image shifts when using stereo microscopy

To purchase Images Plus Version 3.2 Software Click Here


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