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SMZ-168 Stereo Binocular Microscope w/Track Stand
M-Depot Item No: GC-01000
Price: $859.95

  • Top Selling Microscope from Leading Manufacturer - Motic
  • Uncompromising Quality at Extraordinary Value
  • Remarkably Clear, High Resolution Stereo Image
  • 7.5X to 50X Continuous Zoom Standard (w/10X Eyepieces)
  • 1.1X to 320X Max Magnification (w/Optional Lenses)
  • Wide 1:6.7 Zoom Ratio
  • Both Binocular & Trinocular Versions
  • Many Stand Options Available
  • Trinocular Model Perfect for Digital Applications
  • Variety of Illumination Options
  • Diopter Adjustment on Both Eyetubes
  • Anti-Fungal Coating
  • Click Here For Entire SMZ-168 Series
  • Who is Motic?

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SMZ-168 Stereo Binocular Microscope w/Track Stand
A High-Performance Zoom Microscope for Complex Applications

Fabricated for versatility, the SMZ-168 offers a modular format to conform to the requirements of the task and environment. Expansion is possible with a variety of stand and illumination options to handle your complex needs.

This series of stereo microscopes incorporate a zoom ratio of 1:6.7, one of the industry's largest, with a standard working distance of 113mm inside a Greenough optical stereo system. This configuration makes this an ideal system for setting up a work station for preparation, dissecting, micro-assembly, forensics or quality assurance. Moreover, the system provides a maximum magnification of 320X [with optional eyepieces] and guaranteed parfocality throughout the magnifications.

Assisting in fatigue prevention is the high eyepoint system of the standard 10X eyepieces, which allows the user to assume a more comfortable posture when using the microscope and eyeglass wearers to observe without the fear of scratching their lenses. The standard eyepieces offer a field of view of 30.7mm to cover more of the sample in less time. The standard system provides a clear 3-D image and maximum magnification of 50X (with standard 10X eyepieces).

1 The stand features a rigid-arm and wide surface stand with integral focusing block mounted on the flat laminate base. Extensible rigid arm can can be adjusted to accomodate large specimens or extended working distances. This durable, anti-fungal microscope is available in binocular and trinocular configurations.


  • Remarkably Clear, High Resolution Stereo Image
  • 7.5X to 50X Continuous Zoom (w/Standard Lenses and 10X Eyepieces)
  • Maximum Zoom Magnification Range: 1.1X - 320X (w/Optional Lenses)
  • Field of view: 0.8mm - 102.2mm (w/Optional Lenses)
  • Working distance: 113mm w/Standard 1x Lens (324mm to 34.5mm w/Optional Lenses)
  • Adjustable interpupillary distance: 52mm - 75mm
  • Zoom magnification click stops
  • Diopter adjustment on both eye tubes ±5
  • Widefield high eyepoint eyepieces WF10X/23mm included standard (optional eyepieces available)
  • Universal Power Supply Autosensing 110V~240V
  • Included accessories: Dust Cover, Calibration Slide, Reversible Black & White & Frosted Glass Plate
  • Available options: Eyepieces, micrometer eyepieces, auxiliary lenses, reticles, illumination, mechanical and rotary stage, darkfield, and jewelry clamps
Head Mounting Diameter76mm
Optical SystemGreenough
Included EyepieceWF10X/FN23mm
Reticle Diameter24mm
Interpupillary Distance54mm - 76mm
Eyepiece Incline35 degree
Diopter Correction+/- 5 Diopter (on both eyepiece tubes)
Working Distance103mm (w/no auxiliary lens installed)
Max Working Distance324mm (w/Optional Objectives)
Field of View4.6mm - 30.7mm (w/10X Eyepiece)
Optional Field of View0.8mm - 102.2mm (w/optional lenses)
Zoom Ratio6.7 : 1
Standard Zoom7.5 - 50x (w/10X Eyepiece)
Optional Zoom1.1X - 320X (w/Optional Lenses)
Zoom AdjustmentLeft/Right- Single shaft horizontal knob
Stage PlateBlack & White, Frosted Glass
Focusing Adjustment50mm vertical movement
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