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Compound Microscopes
Sorted by Manufacturer

We have a huge selection of compound microscopes. To see more information about a particular model, just click on its model number or picture.

To compare various models' features, specifications and pricing, check the "Compare" box then click on SUBMIT at the top or bottom.


Compare Model # Description Price

K-01224Series K Monocular Compound MicroscopeClick$259.95

K-01114Series K Binocular Compound MicroscopeClick$345.95

K-01324Series K Dual View Compound MicroscopeClick$289.95

O-01315Model O Student Compound Microscope & Mech. Stage, FluorescentClick$199.00

J-01229Model J Compound Binocular Microscope, Fluorescent PRO, PLAN ObjClick$595.95

J-01230Model J Compound Binocular Microscope, Cordless w/LED Illumination PRO, PLAN ObjClick$605.95

O-01117Model O Student Compound Microscope - Fine Focus, TungstenClick$149.00

O-01310Model O Student Compound Microscope - Fine Focus, FluorescentClick$159.00

O-01410Model O Student Compound Microscope - Fine Focus, LED RechargeableClick$159.00

O-01415Model O Student Compound Microscope & Mech. Stage, LED RechargeableClick$199.00

P-01400Series P Student Compound Microscope - 1000X & Mech Stage, TungstenClick$259.00

P-01410Series P Student Compound Microscope - 1000X & Mech Stage, FluorescentClick$269.00

J-01220Model J Compound Binocular Microscope, Cordless w/LED IlluminationClick$395.95

J-01219Model J Compound Binocular Microscope, Halogen PRO, Plan ObjClick$585.95

J-01117Model J Compound Monocular MicroscopeClick$299.95

O-01217Model O Student Compound Microscope & Mech. Stage, TungstenClick$189.00

MD-AE30Compound, Inverted Binocular Phase Contrast MicroscopeClick$2,819.00

MD-AE31Compound, Inverted Trinocular Phase Contrast MicroscopeClick$3,189.00

A-01601Series A Monocular Microscope, Super Contrast ObjClick$589.95

A-01631Series A Trinocular Microscope, Super Contrast ObjectivesClick$949.95

F-01000Series F Compound Monocular Microscope - 4x, 10x, 40xR, 100xRClick$489.95

A-01634Series A Trinocular Microscope, Phase Contrast ObjectivesClick$1,849.95

A-01633Series A Trinocular Microscope, Plan ObjectivesClick$1,079.95

A-01630Series A Trinocular Microscope, Standard ObjectivesClick$909.95

A-01624Series A Binocular Microscope, Phase Contrast ObjectivesClick$1,649.95

A-01623Series A Binocular Microscope, Plan ObjectivesClick$859.95

A-01621Series A Binocular Microscope, Super Contrast ObjectivesClick$779.95

F-01005Series F Compound Monocular Microscope - 4x, 10x, 40xRClick$425.95

A-01613Series A Dual-View Microscope, Plan ObjectivesClick$749.95

A-01611Series A Dual-View Microscope, Super Contrast ObjectivesClick$639.95

A-01610Series A Dual-View Microscope, Standard ObjectivesClick$599.95

A-01603Series A Monocular Microscope, Plan ObjectivesClick$699.95

A-01620Series A Binocular Microscope, Standard ObjectivesClick$699.95

L-01300Cordless - Advanced Student Compound MicroscopeClick$275.95

S-02000Series S Digital Binocular Compound Microscope Click$1,429.95

LA-01100Cordless - Advanced Student Compound MicroscopeClick$225.95

L-01400Cordless - Advanced Student Compound Microscope w/1000XClick$455.95

F-01100Series F Compound Binocular Microscope - 4x, 10x, 40xR, 100xRClick$625.95

S-02010Series S Digital Binocular Compound w/Plan Obj. & Images Plus SoftwareClick$1,599.95

U-02500Series U ADVANCED Digital Monocular Microscope & Images Plus Software, 1.3 MP CameraClick$879.95

S-02020Series S Digital Binocular Compound Microscope with Phase Contrast ObjectivesClick$2,369.95

S-02005Series S Digital Binocular Compound w/Super Contrast Obj. & Images Plus SoftwareClick$1,499.95

A-01600Series A Monocular Microscope - Standard ObjectivesClick$539.95

LA-01000Cordless - Elementary Student Compound MicroscopeClick$149.95

J-01310Model J Compound Dual Binocular MicroscopeClick$695.95

Q-01110Series Q Compound Binocular MicroscopeClick$555.95

Q-01210Series Q Compound Dual View MicroscopeClick$799.95

Q-01310Series Q Compound Trinocular MicroscopeClick$629.95

J-01410Model J Compound Trinocular MicroscopeClick$519.95

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