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Stage Micrometers

Top quality made-in-the-USA

Stage Micrometers are manufactured using low expansion borosilicate float glass. All stage micrometers and reticles may add optional N.I.S.T traceable calibration.
For calibration and overall accuracy details click here.

Don't see the exact pattern you want? We also have hundreds of eyepiece reticle
designs here that we can make into a stage micrometer for a surprisingly low price.

Or for a custom design made just for you, please click here.

All stage micrometers on 1.0" x 3.0" x .110" (25mm x 75mm x 2.8mm)
low expansion float glass substrate unless otherwise indicated.
Custom sizes & patterns also available. ** MADE IN THE U.S.A. **

Part Number Description Price Price
S-14700 Stage Micrometer, 1 in. (0.001 in. - 0.010 in. - 0.100 in.) sketch $275.95
S-14702 same as S-14700 in Reflected Light version sketch $412.95
S-14705 same as S-14700 with NIST traceable calibration sketch $674.95
S-14707 same as S-14702 with NIST traceable calibration $789.95
S-14710 Stage Micrometer, 25mm (0.02mm - 0.1mm - 1.0mm) sketch $275.95
S-14712 same as S-14710 in Reflected Light version $413.95
S-14715 same as S-14710 with NIST traceable calibration sketch $829.95
S-14717 same as S-14712 with NIST traceable calibration $944.95
S-14720 Stage Micrometer, 1 in. and 25mm sketch $339.95
S-14722 same as S-14720 in Reflected Light version $514.95
S-14725 same as S-14720 with NIST traceable calibration sketch $1,129.95
S-14727 same as S-14722 with NIST traceable calibration $1,264.95
S-14805 Stage Micrometer, 1 in. Scale/100 Divisions (Each Division = 0.010 in.) $275.95
S-14800 Stage Micrometer, 1 in. Scale/1,000 Divisions (Each Division = .001 in.) $654.95
S-14797 Stage Micrometer, Dual-Scale, 50mm/250 (Ea Div = 0.2mm) & 2.0in/200 (Ea Div = 0.01in.) sketch $589.95
S-14730 Stage Micrometer, 2.0 in./2,000 Divisions (Each Division = 0.001 in.) $845.95
S-14808 Stage Micrometer, 0.5 in. Scale/5,000 Divisions (Each Division = .0001 in.), 1 in. x 3 in. x 0.090 in. Substrate $1,839.95
S-14803 Stage Micrometer, 2 in. Scale/20,000 Divisions (Each Division = .0001 in.), 1 in. x 3 in. x 0.090 in. Substrate $2,269.95
S-14735 Stage Micrometer, 4 in./4,000 Divisions (0.001"/Div.) on glass 1" x 5" $889.95
S-14740 Stage Micrometer, 1mm/100 Divisions (Each Division = 0.010mm) sketch $275.95
S-14742 same as S-14740 in Reflected Light version sketch $412.95
S-14801 Stage Micrometer, 10mm/100 Divisions Scale (Each Division = 0.10mm) $275.95
S-14745 Stage Micrometer, 10mm/1,000 Divisions (Each Division = 0.010mm) $729.95
S-14750 Stage Micrometer, 25mm/500 Divisions (Each Division = 0.050mm) $509.95
S-14755 Stage Micrometer, 25mm/2,500 Divisions (Each Division = 0.010mm) $845.95
S-14760 Stage Micrometer, 206mm (0.1mm/division) on glass 8.65 in.x 0.75 in.x 0.25 in. sketch $1,019.95
S-14765 Stage Micrometer, 2mm/200 Divisions (Each Division = 0.010mm) $294.95
S-14770 Stage Micrometer, 1mm/200 Divisions (Each Division = 0.005mm) sketch $729.95
S-14775 Stage Micrometer, 20mm scale. (0 to 20mm in 1mm; 18 to 20mm in 0.1mm; 19 to 20mm in 0.01mm) $275.95
S-14776 same as S-14775 in Reflected Light version $413.95
S-14777 same as S-14775 with NIST traceable calibration $829.95
S-14778 same as S-14776 with NIST traceable calibration $944.95
S-14780 Stage Micrometer, 0.500 in.with 40 divisions $413.95
S-14785 Stage Micrometer, 2.2mm with 40 divisions - first 20 divs spacing 0.100mm, last 20 divs spacing 0.010mm $275.95
S-14790 Stage Micrometer, 0.220 in. with 40 divisions - first 20 divs spacing 0.010 in., last 20 divs spacing 0.001 in. $275.95
S-14795 Stage Micrometer, 9 dots - 0.1mm, 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1mm, 2.5mm, 5mm, 10mm and 15mm $275.95
S-14796 same as S-14795 with NIST traceable calibration $914.95
S-14802 Stage Micrometer, 0.1 in./200 Divisions Scale (Each Division = 0.0005 in.) $294.95
S-14099 England Finder Slide sketch $339.95
S-14115 Reference Slide sketch $289.95
S-14910 Calibration, Add 10 Points NIST Traceable ISO/IEC 17025 to Purchase of New Micrometer $495.00
S-14912 Calibration, Add 10 Points NIST Traceable ISO/IEC 17025 to Customer Owned or Custom Part $595.00
S-14970 Bonded Coverslip Option for Stage Micrometer $55.00

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