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C-Ring Reticle Retainers

Picture of retainer

Often the microscope eyepiece will contain a threaded ring in the bottom that can be removed allowing the reticle to be placed inside the bottom of the eyepiece, and then screwed back into place securing the reticle.

Many times however the eyepiece will not include a ring, or the ring may have been lost. In that case a c-ring may be purchased which can be used to hold the reticle.

To order, please check the box to the left of the desired c-ring below, and then click the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the page.

Please note: Due to minimum order requirements, c-rings will only be shipped if a reticle is also being ordered, or to Customers who have ordered reticles from us in the past. If you order one without a reticle we will contact you for clarification.

Retaining C-Ring

  Part Number Description Price
S-14002 C-Ring, Retains 16mm Reticle $12.95
S-14003 C-Ring, Retains 17mm Reticle $12.95
S-14004 C-Ring, Retains 18mm Reticle $12.95
S-14005 C-Ring, Retains 19mm Reticle $12.95
S-14006 C-Ring, Retains 20mm Reticle $12.95
S-14017 C-Ring, Retains 20.4mm Reticle $12.95
S-14007 C-Ring, Retains 21mm Reticle $12.95
S-14008 C-Ring, Retains 22mm Reticle $12.95
S-14009 C-Ring, Retains 23mm Reticle $12.95
S-14021 C-Ring, Retains 23.5mm Reticle $12.95
S-14010 C-Ring, Retains 24mm Reticle $12.95
S-14018 C-Ring, Retains 24.5mm Reticle $12.95
S-14011 C-Ring, Retains 25mm Reticle $12.95
S-14019 C-Ring, Retains 25.4mm Reticle $12.95
S-14012 C-Ring, Retains 26mm Reticle $12.95
S-14020 C-Ring, Retains 26.5mm Reticle $12.95
S-14013 C-Ring, Retains 27mm Reticle $12.95
S-14014 C-Ring, Retains 28mm Reticle $12.95
S-14015 C-Ring, Retains 29mm Reticle $12.95
S-14016 C-Ring, Retains 30mm Reticle $12.95

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