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Counting Chambers


 Part Number Description 
S-14134 Counting Reticle IMA/USP PSA G57
S-14113 Counting Reticle Porton
S-14111 Counting Reticle Patterson Globe
S-14109 Counting Reticle Miller Disc, smaller square in corner
S-14110 Counting Reticle Miller Disc, smaller square centered
S-14133 Counting Reticle Weibel
S-14358 Counting Reticle Fairs Analysis
S-14130 Counting Reticle Walton & Beckett (G22)
S-14108 Counting Reticle Milk Smear Reticle
S-14097 Counting Reticle Dargie Reticle


 Part Number Description 
S-14122 Counting Reticle Straight Line W/Scale
S-14121 Counting Reticle Straight Line W/O Scale
S-14132 Counting Reticle Wavy Line W/Scale
S-14131 Counting Reticle Wavy Line W/O Scale
S-14123 Merz Counting Reticle Straight Line-Interrupted


 Part Number Description 
S-14082 Counting Reticle 360 Degree Protractor - 17mm FOV
S-14414 Counting Reticle 360 Degree Protractor - 16mm FOV
S-14415 Counting Reticle 360 Degree Protractor - 10mm FOV
S-14416 Counting Reticle 360 Degree Protractor - 6mm FOV
S-14118 Counting Reticle Standard, (26mm DIA.)
S-14117 Counting Reticle Standard, (20mm DIA.)
S-14120 Counting Reticle Standard, (3X, 24mm DIA.)
S-14119 Counting Reticle Standard, (2X)
S-14076 Counting Reticle 180 Degree Protractor - 19mm FOV
S-14417 Counting Reticle 180 Degree Protractor - 15mm FOV
S-14418 Counting Reticle 180 Degree Protractor - 9.5mm FOV
S-14419 Counting Reticle 180 Degree Protractor - 6mm FOV
S-14420 Counting Reticle 180 Degree Protractor - 3mm FOV
S-14114 Counting Reticle Protractor - 180 Degree - 1/180 Degree - 1/2
S-14078 Counting Reticle 180 Degree Protractor/0.0010 in. RAD. Used w/2X Obj.
S-14079 Counting Reticle 180 Degree Protractor/0.0010 in. RAD. Used w/4X Obj.
S-14080 Counting Reticle 180 Degree Protractor/0.0010 in. RAD. Used w/5X Obj.
S-14077 Counting Reticle 180 Degree Protractor/0.0010 in. RAD. Used w/10X Obj.


 Part Number Description 
S-14098 Counting Reticle Diametral Line
S-14112 Reticle Pointer
S-14101 Counting Reticle Howard Mold
S-14090 Counting Reticle Birnell
S-14116 Counting Reticle Reticulocyte
S-14105 Counting Reticle Metric Hole Gauge
S-14359 Counting Reticle Inch Hole Gauge
S-14106 Counting Reticle Metric Reference Reticle
S-14103 Counting Reticle Inch Thickness Gauge
S-14107 Counting Reticle Metric Thickness Gauge
S-14095 Counting Reticle Checker Board 10mm (20X20 SQS.)

Grain Counters


 Part Number Description 
S-14124 Counting Reticle Twine
S-14089 Counting Reticle Austenite
S-14092 Counting Reticle Carbide
S-14091 Counting Reticle Brass
S-14125 Counting Reticle Twine-CHR/Ring
S-14096 Counting Reticle Copper
S-14129 Counting Reticle Untwinned 6-8.5
S-14127 Counting Reticle Untwinned 1-8
S-14128 Counting Reticle Untwinned 3-10
S-14126 Counting Reticle Untwinned 1-10
S-14087 Counting Reticle ASTM E-45 A, D & E Method
S-14088 Counting Reticle ASTM E-45 B Method
S-14086 Counting Reticle ASTM C Method

Point Array

 Part Number Description 
S-14104 Counting Reticle KRI-10 Crosses
S-14093 Counting Reticle Chalkley-25 Crosses
S-14094 Counting Reticle Chalkley-25 Dots
S-14071 Counting Reticle 100 PT. Cross Array (10mm)
S-14083 Counting Reticle 49 PT. Cross Array (10mm)
S-14075 Counting Reticle 16 PT. Cross Array (10mm)


 Part Number Description 
S-14070 Counting Reticle 0.8mm/8mm
S-14081 Counting Reticle 2 Concentric Sqs 2.53mm & 8mm/Side
S-14085 Counting Reticle 5mm/10mm
S-14084 Counting Reticle 5mm
S-14072 Counting Reticle 10mm
S-14073 Counting Reticle 10mm/20mm
S-14074 Counting Reticle 15mm

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