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Concentric Circles

10 Diameter per Scale


 Part Number Description 
S-14036 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0100in.-0.1000in., 10 dia.
S-14041 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0200in.-0.2000in., 10 dia.
S-14045 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0300in.-0.3000in., 10 dia.
S-14047 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0400in.-0.4000in., 10 dia.
S-14049 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0500in.-0.5000in., 10 dia.
S-14051 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.1000in.-1.00in., 10 dia.


 Part Number Description 
S-14462 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.05mm-0.5mm, 10 dia.
S-14052 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.10mm-1.0mm, 10 dia.
S-14053 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.20mm-2.0mm, 10 dia.
S-14055 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.25mm-2.5mm, 10 dia.
S-14057 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.30mm-3.0mm, 10 dia.
S-14058 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.40mm-4.0mm, 10 dia.
S-14061 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.50mm-5.0mm, 10 dia.
S-14464 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.60mm-6.0mm, 10 dia.
S-14062 Concentric Circle Reticle 1.0mm-10mm, 10 dia.
S-14065 Concentric Circle Reticle 2.0mm-20mm, 10 dia.
S-14066 Concentric Circle Reticle 3.0mm-30mm, 10 dia.

30 Diameter per Scale


 Part Number Description 
S-14033 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0050in.-0.1500in., 30 dia.
S-14038 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0100in.-0.3000in., 30 dia.
S-14040 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0150in.-0.4500in., 30 dia.
S-14043 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0200in.-0.6000in., 30 dia.


 Part Number Description 
S-14056 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.25mm-7.5mm, 30 dia.
S-14060 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.50mm-15mm, 30 dia.
S-14063 Concentric Circle Reticle 1.0mm-30mm, 30 dia.


 Part Number Description 
S-14032 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0050in.-0.0150in. , 3 diameters
S-14048 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0500in.-0.4000in. , 8 diameters
S-14031 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0050in.-0.0100in., 11 diameters (use with 5X objective)
S-14034 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0050in.-0.3750in. , 75 diameters
S-14037 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0100in.-0.1700in. , 17 diameters
S-14042 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0200in.-0.2000in. , 19 diameters
S-14046 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0300in.-0.4500in. , 15 diameters
S-14050 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0600in.-0.7200in. , 12 diameters
S-14064 Concentric Circle Reticle 1/64in.-11/64in. , 11 diameters (use with 3X objective)
S-14030 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0010in.R - 0.0200in.R, 20 Radii, (use with 10X objective)
S-14035 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0050in.R-0.4500in.R, 40 Radii, (use with 3X objective)
S-14039 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.0100in.R-0.3000in.R, 30 Radii, (Labeled @ 1X, 3X, 5X, & 10X)
S-14067 Concentric Circle Reticle Radii of Curvature: 0.0800in.-0.2500in. increments of 0.0050in. (3X)
S-14069 Concentric Circle Reticle Radii of Curvature: 5/64in.-25/64in., increments of 1/64in. (3X)
S-14068 Concentric Circle Reticle Radii of Curvature: 2.3mm-6.5mm in increments of 0.10mm
S-14054 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.20mm-4.6mm , 23 diameters (3X)
S-14044 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.025mm-0.200mm , 8 diameters, no centerline
S-14059 Concentric Circle Reticle 0.50mm-12.5mm , 25 diameters, with wedge, every other dia. dashed

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