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Dots & Field Stops

Solid Dots

Single Dot - Inches

 Part Number Description 
S-14519 Dot Reticle, 0.0005 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14520 Dot Reticle, 0.002 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14521 Dot Reticle, 0.004 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14522 Dot Reticle, 0.005 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14523 Dot Reticle, 0.006 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14524 Dot Reticle, 0.008 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14525 Dot Reticle, 0.010 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14526 Dot Reticle, 0.015 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14527 Dot Reticle, 0.020 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14528 Dot Reticle, 0.030 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14529 Dot Reticle, 0.040 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14530 Dot Reticle, 0.050 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14531 Dot Reticle, 0.075 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14532 Dot Reticle, 0.100 Inch Solid Dot - Centered
S-14533 Dot Reticle, 0.250 Inch Solid Dot - Centered

Multiple Dots - Inches

 Part Number Description 
S-14534 Dot Reticle, 5 Solid Dots - 0.002in., 0.004in., 0.006in., 0.008in., 0.010in.
S-14535 Dot Reticle, 6 Solid Dots - 0.005in., 0.006in., 0.007in., 0.008in., 0.009in., 0.010in.

Single Dot - Millimeters

 Part Number Description 
S-14481 Dot Reticle, 20 Micron (0.02mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14482 Dot Reticle, 25 Micron (0.025mm) Solid Dot - Centered w/Ref Line
S-14483 Dot Reticle, 40 Micron (0.04mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14484 Dot Reticle, 50 Micron (0.05mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14485 Dot Reticle, 100 Micron (0.10mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14486 Dot Reticle, 150 Micron (0.15mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14487 Dot Reticle, 200 Micron (0.20mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14488 Dot Reticle, 250 Micron (0.25mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14489 Dot Reticle, 260 Micron (0.26mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14490 Dot Reticle, 300 Micron (0.30mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14491 Dot Reticle, 350 Micron (0.35mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14492 Dot Reticle, 400 Micron (0.40mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14493 Dot Reticle, 500 Micron (0.50mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14494 Dot Reticle, 600 Micron (0.60mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14495 Dot Reticle, 700 Micron (0.70mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14496 Dot Reticle, 800 Micron (0.80mm) Solid Dot - Centered
S-14497 Dot Reticle, 1mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14498 Dot Reticle, 1.5mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14499 Dot Reticle, 2mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14500 Dot Reticle, 2.5mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14501 Dot Reticle, 3mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14502 Dot Reticle, 3.5mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14503 Dot Reticle, 4mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14504 Dot Reticle, 4.5mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14505 Dot Reticle, 5mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14506 Dot Reticle, 5.5mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14507 Dot Reticle, 6mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14508 Dot Reticle, 6.3mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14509 Dot Reticle, 6.5mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14510 Dot Reticle, 10mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14511 Dot Reticle, 14mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14512 Dot Reticle, 16mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14513 Dot Reticle, 18mm Solid Dot - Centered
S-14514 Dot Reticle, 23mm Solid Dot - Centered

Multiple Dots - Millimeters

 Part Number Description 
S-14515 Dot Reticle, 4 Solid Dots - 2mm, 4mm, 6mm & 8mm
S-14516 Dot Reticle, 5 Solid Dots - 50um, 100um, 150um, 200um, 250um
S-14517 Dot Reticle, 5 Solid Dots - 50um, 100um, 500um, 1000um (1mm), 1500um (1.5mm)
S-14518 Dot Reticle, 9 Solid Dots - 10um, 20um, 30um, 40um, 50um, 100um, 150um, 200um, 250um

Field Stops


 Part Number Description 
S-14573 Field Stop Reticle, 0.0005 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14574 Field Stop Reticle, 0.002 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14575 Field Stop Reticle, 0.004 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14576 Field Stop Reticle, 0.005 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14577 Field Stop Reticle, 0.006 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14578 Field Stop Reticle, 0.008 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14579 Field Stop Reticle, 0.010 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14580 Field Stop Reticle, 0.015 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14581 Field Stop Reticle, 0.020 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14582 Field Stop Reticle, 0.030 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14583 Field Stop Reticle, 0.040 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14584 Field Stop Reticle, 0.050 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14585 Field Stop Reticle, 0.075 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14586 Field Stop Reticle, 0.100 Inch Clear Dot - Centered
S-14587 Field Stop Reticle, 0.250 Inch Clear Dot - Centered


 Part Number Description 
S-14540 Field Stop Reticle, 20 Micron (0.02mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14541 Field Stop Reticle, 40 Micron (0.04mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14542 Field Stop Reticle, 50 Micron (0.05mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14543 Field Stop Reticle, 100 Micron (0.10mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14544 Field Stop Reticle, 150 Micron (0.15mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14545 Field Stop Reticle, 200 Micron (0.20mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14546 Field Stop Reticle, 250 Micron (0.25mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14547 Field Stop Reticle, 260 Micron (0.26mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14548 Field Stop Reticle, 300 Micron (0.30mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14549 Field Stop Reticle, 350 Micron (0.35mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14550 Field Stop Reticle, 400 Micron (0.40mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14551 Field Stop Reticle, 500 Micron (0.50mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14552 Field Stop Reticle, 600 Micron (0.60mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14553 Field Stop Reticle, 700 Micron (0.70mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14554 Field Stop Reticle, 800 Micron (0.80mm) Clear Dot - Centered
S-14555 Field Stop Reticle, 1mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14556 Field Stop Reticle, 1.5mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14557 Field Stop Reticle, 2mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14558 Field Stop Reticle, 2.5mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14559 Field Stop Reticle, 3mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14560 Field Stop Reticle, 3.5mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14561 Field Stop Reticle, 4mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14562 Field Stop Reticle, 4.5mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14563 Field Stop Reticle, 5mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14564 Field Stop Reticle, 5.5mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14565 Field Stop Reticle, 6mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14566 Field Stop Reticle, 6.3mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14567 Field Stop Reticle, 6.5mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14568 Field Stop Reticle, 10mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14569 Field Stop Reticle, 14mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14570 Field Stop Reticle, 16mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14571 Field Stop Reticle, 18mm Clear Dot - Centered
S-14572 Field Stop Reticle, 23mm Clear Dot - Centered

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